Nutrition Are You Getting Enough Protein?
Posted on October 22, 2014 by Layne Nordquist

As a personal trainer, I am constantly being asked by my clients how much protein one should consume. In order to answer that question, I pose a question: “What are your goals?” Are you a competitive bodybuilder, an endurance athlete, a

Nutrition How to Eat Healthier During the Holidays
Posted on October 22, 2014 by Isabel Mejia

During the holiday season, it's common for people to gain around 3 pounds. You could be killing it at the gym, but if you fall into temptation and are not careful with food choices, you'll easily fall into this holiday pitfall, which can le

Fitness The Art of Spotting
Posted on October 22, 2014 by Brian Smith

In my experience with training, I have worked out with a lot of different types of people who come from different training backgrounds. Some were good experiences, some not so good. One thing I have found that differentiates one from anothe

Fitness Trying to Lose Fat? Don't forget the Weights!
Posted on October 22, 2014 by Kelli Jolley

Many people are afraid to pick up the weights when trying to slim down. They are afraid weight-lifting will cause them to bulk up, which is not necessarily the case. Lifting weights is a huge part of fat loss. While cardio can play a big ro