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Enjoy all of VASA’s premium fitness and recovery amenities and supportive group classes while your kids make new friends, get creative, and have a blast with our caring, certified instructors in KidCare—we’ll keep your kids safe and having fun so you can focus on you!

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We know how hard you work taking care of your kids every day, and VASA is here to help you take care of you. As a KidCare team, we offer our mini-members more than just supervised playtime—we provide KidFit activities, crafts, story time, Spanish word-of-the-day, and other learning experiences that will keep your kids both entertained and stimulated!


Exercise helps relieve stress and anxiety, and parents need to prioritize their physical and mental health so they can continue being great moms and dads! Knowing your kids are safe and having a blast in KidCare while you exercise can help you stick to your routine so you can achieve your goals.


Your kids will have a blast in KidCare, enjoying creative and engaging play time! While you’re away enjoying a heart-pumping group cycling class or relaxing and recovering with yoga, your kids will interact with other children, learning to play, share, make friends, and how to be independent. You’ll also set a good example for your kids by showing them that exercise and fitness are important for a healthy and happy life!


Our team of KidCare professionals is the very best. Each has passed background checks and is certified in CPR and First Aid. We care about children and we’re dedicated to providing a safe environment where they can learn—through planned KidFit activities— that fitness is fun!

Our Staff

We’re dedicated to providing a safe environment where children can learn that fitness is fun. That’s why we make sure our team of KidCare professionals is the very best. Each team member has passed background checks and is certified in CPR and First Aid. So drop the kids off with peace of mind while you get your sweat on!


Drop-in rates and monthly bundle options are available.

Drop-in rates:
6 weeks to 2 years of age: $5/per child
2 years to 12 years of age: $3/per child

Bundle rates:
$25 a month for 1 child
$50 a month for 2 children
$75 a month for 3 children
$100 a month for 4+ children

KidCare is available for Fitness, VASA FIT, & STUDIO memberships. STUDIO members receive $15 off the cost of one KidCare bundle.

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