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Bored Teen? Bring Them to the Gym.

Jul. 3, 2019 / Bre B
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Looking for a way to get your bored teen out of the house this summer? Look no further. Bring them with you to the gym with our new Guest Privilege policy.

What changed?

Now you can bring anyone over the age of 12 with you to the gym, with our Guest Privilege add-on. That’s right, bring your kids and get active together! Don’t forget these guidelines when bringing your guest to the gym:

  • Must provide ID when checking into the gym. We no longer hold IDs at checkin, but we do provide ID verification.
  • If you are bringing a guest under 18, ID is not required. But they must be accompanied by their legal gaurdian.

4 Things YOU CAN Do with your Kid at the Gym


Indoor Basketball Courts

Don’t have anywhere to shoot hoops? Bring your teen and play basketball with them in our air conditioned facility!


Come use our treadmills to keep your young runners in shape this summer! Or have them try our fitness cinema, they can watch a movie while running (or walking) on the treadmill.

Functional training

All young athletes will love to train on our turf area. Bring them in and help them stay functional while you do too.

Weight Training & More!

Our Group Fitness classes are FUN, and a great way to get your kids up and moving. We have kickboxing, cardio/HIIT dance classes (Zumba, High Fitness etc), yoga and more. Bond with your kids while staying active!

These aren’t all that you can do with your bored teen at VASA, but hopefully it gave you a couple good ideas. If you don’t have Guest Priveleges on your account, stop by our front desk to get started.

Kids under 12?

Don’t worry we have something for EVERYONE. Bring them to our KidCare and they will do fun things like KidFit (fitness activities for Kids), crafts, storytime and more!