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All About Revive

Aug. 7, 2019 / Bre B
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If you haven’t seen our Revive shops in your club yet, chances are you will SOON!

What is Revive?

Revive is VASA’s Retail and Refreshment coolers. We carry everything from protein bars to your favorite VASA Swag! Want to know the best part? You don’t even need to bring your wallet into the gym to buy anything! You can simply use your card on file whenever you need a quick pre or post workout snack.

What clubs are getting it next?

Chandler, Arizona

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wichita, Kansas

Ogden, Utah

Clinton, Utah

Layton, Utah

Riverton, Utah

Saratoga Springs, Utah

What can you get?

At Revive we carry: The newest VASA Swag (TShirts, Hats, Water bottles), Locks for lockers, Pre and Post Workout Energy drinks, Protein Shakes, Sports Drinks, Waterbottles, Protein bars, Cookies and Chips!