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Time-saving, efficient gym workouts

Gini Grimsley
Jan. 31, 2024 / VASA Admin
Time-saving, efficient gym workouts

Short on time, but still want to get in a quick workout? A mini workout is better than none, and there are many efficient gym workouts, including timed circuit training, you can do when you don’t have much time.

EMOM (Every Minute, On the Minute)

EMOMs are a great way to add intensity to a workout when you don’t have much time. In an EMOM, a set number of reps for a specific exercise must be completed within the minute. Any extra time you have before the minute ends can be used to rest before starting the exercise again at the start of the next minute.

EMOMs provide structured timing to help you complete an efficient workout. The fixed time intervals help you maintain intensity while still giving you a bit of rest. To increase strength, rep counts are usually lower (think 5-8); for simpler movements or cardio conditioning, reps can be higher (8-12).  To make an exercise more intense, increase the load (weight you are moving) or increase the volume (number of reps).

EMOM-style workouts are challenging, efficient, and a great way to keep you on track to reach your goals! Pick simple, compound movements that are easy to complete and easy to add load to, to keep the intensity high. Try one of these time-saving, efficient gym workouts the next time you need to get in a quick sweat sesh.


Female athlete working out with dumbbells at VASA Fitness


For those looking to get stronger:

Complete 5 reps of movement 1 in the first minute; then complete 5 reps of movement 2 in the second minute; etc. Repeat the circuit five times for a 25-minute workout. Since the reps are low, challenge yourself with heavier weights.

  • KB Swing
  • Push Up
  • Reverse Lunge (5 reps per leg)
  • Pull Up
  • V Up

For those looking to sweat:

Complete 10 reps of movement 1 in the first minute; then complete 10 reps of movement 2 in the second minute; etc. Repeat the circuit three times for a 12-minute workout.

  • KB Swing
  • KB Push Press
  • TRX Row
  • Skater Hops (10 each direction)

 Remember to tailor the intensity of your workouts and exercises of choice to match your fitness levels and abilities. If you need help squeezing in efficient and effective workouts, VASA Fitness offers 30-minute Personal Training sessions that can help you make the most of your time in the gym. Click here to learn more about Personal Training at VASA Fitness.


Female athlete working with a male personal trainer with TRX bands at VASA Fintess