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5201 Washington Ave Suite 4, Racine, WI 53406

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Amenities in Racine

We’re the gym in Racine with the mostest! More space and more amenities means there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a cyclist, a swimmer, a lifter or a baller, we’ve got what you need to crush your fitness goals.

Best local HIIT class near me


Most stay in their comfort zone. You push beyond.

Climb to the top of your performance game. STUDIO RED is an exclusive group training experience where you’ll sweat more, burn more, and shatter your personal best. Available in select locations.


Benefits of infrared yoga class

STUDIO FLOW Infrared Yoga

Balance beyond - Infrared yoga that leaves you relaxed and refreshed.

Relax, breathe, and find balance with our boutique-style yoga classes featuring Far Infrared panels above every mat to warm your body and promote healing.
Available in select locations.


Inbody scan near me

InBody Scans

Go beyond the scale.

Step on an InBody scale to get in-depth detail about your weight including muscle mass, water weight, and body fat so you can track your progress.


Best local cardio gym

Cardio Deck

Get your BPM going.

Run, climb, pedal, move, warm up, cool down – our cardio deck is full of ways to get your heart pumping. Jump onto any of our machines and confidently customize your cardio routine. Go to your best and back, all without leaving your gym.


Best gym with free weights

Free Weights

The most weights means maximum results.

To build muscle, accelerate weight loss or tone your body, our free weights area features all the equipment you could ever want. Mirrored walls keep your form in check, make you feel connected to the gym community that surrounds you, and your selfies on point. With a variety of weights and sizes, your iron pumping options are endless.


VASA's Performance Lifting Area

Performance Lifting Area

Olympian-worthy equipment for an unbeatable lifting experience.

Take advantage of our first-rate Performance Lifting areas, stocked with all the equipment – bars, plates, rigs, racks, mats, etc – to push your strength to new limits. Perfect your form in front of mirrored walls as you train — competitively or not — to execute the perfect snatch or clean and jerk. Whether lifting is your passion or your hobby, this room provides the perfect lifting environment.


Strength training machines at VASA Fitness

Strength Training Machines

Strength made simple.

Resistance training is a great way to increase muscle mass, become more powerful, and complements cardiovascular work you do. Strength training will enhance daily activities performed outside the gym, like carrying groceries and picking up kids or pets.


Local gym with the best amenities

Functional Training Turf Area

Work out your way.

We’ve brought the neighborhood park straight into the gym. Whether on your own or with a partner, our turf is perfect for ab workouts, stretching, foam rolling, functional strength work and mobility. Say hello to plush, padded turf. Improve your speed, agility or coordination with a variety of workout options in our expansive turf area.


Local gym with group fitness classes

Group Fitness Classes

Fun with friends and boom! It's a workout.

We are passionate about giving our instructors the freedom to create a place of transformation. Leave your troubles at the door and get lost in a workout that melts your stress and lifts your spirits. Join our inspiring instructors and fitness aspiring friends, and party your way through hundreds of classes to find your happy place.


Fun and uplifting cycle class near me

Cycle Classes

A low-impact, high-energy ride.

Hit the club-like atmosphere of a cycle class for a low-impact cardio workout suited for all fitness levels. The energy of our instructors is contagious and will push you out of your cardio comfort zone and beyond mental mile markers. This biomechanically sound class comes with the party lights on and music up, these beat-driven classes allow you to work at your own pace to reach your fitness goals and crush calories. But look out, you might find yourself stretching beyond what you thought possible and loving the ride.


Gyms with pools near me

Indoor Pool and Spa

Weightless workouts.

Splash your way to weightlessness in our large capacity pools. Whether you’re training for your next tri, recovering from an injury, or just wanting to enjoy a low impact workout in a water aerobics class, the pool is for you.


VASA Fitness sauna

Sauna and Steam

Relax and recover.

After you’ve finished a tough workout, head to the sauna or steam room to quicken recovery and boost your immune system so you can continue achieving your fitness goals.


VASA Fitness indoor basketball court


Pick up and crossover into a game.

Shoot some hoops, work on your technique, or play a pick-up game and get your heart pumping while having fun on our basketball court!


VASA Fitness massage lounge

Massage Lounge

Go big on recovery, you've earned it!

You’ve done it again. You’ve pushed your body through another great workout. So reward yourself! Our massage beds will soothe your sore muscles with just enough pressure to keep you coming back for more. Ah, the joy of recovering faster with world-class massage equipment at your fingertips.


VASA Fitness light therapy

Light Therapy

Energize your recovery.

Light therapy is a treatment that uses low wavelength red light to improve the skin’s appearance. Research has shown light therapy increases collagen production, improves circulation, and aids in muscle recovery.


Personal training at VASA Fitness

Personal Training

1-on-1 in your exclusive space.

Step inside the cage for a VASA VIP experience, with space and equipment reserved just for you. Get the 1-on-1 attention you deserve from your VASA Fitness Coach and rock an effective and efficient workout. Because your goals are our goals, we’re equally invested in crushing every single one of them!


KidCare at VASA Fitness


"You time" is also "their time".

Go from "parent time" to “me time” and take full advantage of our KidCare program. Nothing to feel guilty about here, your mini members will be plenty busy with fun fitness and educational activities in a safe, designated space with certified child care professionals. Now go treat yourself!


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