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Track Your Workouts, Track Your Results!

Jul. 6, 2021 / Summer O.
Track Your Workouts, Track Your Results!

Whether you’ve been working out for a while or are brand new to the gym, we all have goals when we walk into the gym. Losing weight, setting a bench press PR (personal record), running the fastest mile, or even finishing a group fitness class, we are all working towards something! 

The best way to make sure you’re moving in the right direction towards any of those goals is to record your workouts (not for the ‘gram but for yourself). Over time, you’ll be able to compare where you were, where you are now, and how close you are to reaching your goal. Recording your progress makes it easier to compare results.

There are many ways to track your workouts. You can do this by using a wearable, such as the Myzone MZ-Switch, or simply using a training app. These devices and programs will make your workouts more motivating, and you will be able to easily see your progress.

Here are a few easy ways to track your workouts: 



The MZ-Switch is a versatile wearable from Myzone, that gives you the option to wear the heart rate monitor on your wrist, arm, or chest. This device can connect to the Myzone TVs inside the VASA Fitness facility OR the Myzone app when you are outside of the gym.

Heart rate is the best and probably easiest way to track workout intensity, and even though strength training isn’t considered cardiovascular training, there is a cardiovascular spike and recovery during more intense workouts. The better you can recover and move more weight, the more fit you will be. 

Trainer Tip for those looking to build muscle*

Managing intensity during cardio sessions helps you build strength and size gains.

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Pen & Paper 

Writing down your workouts, including exercises, sets, reps, weight used, and workout RPE (rate of perceived exertion), is a straightforward way to track your strength gains. It can be as simple as carrying a notebook around or typing into the notes section of your phone.

Looking back after months of steady, hard work and seeing positive results in the number of reps or weight, you will feel more motivated and determined to keep it up.

Not seeing the scale or Inbody results change can be discouraging, but if your performance keeps improving, those other results will eventually catch up. 


Tips on Setting Your Tracking Goals 

For those starting on their fitness journey, tracking your workouts is a fantastic accountability tool. Setting a MEP (Myzone Effort Points) goal for yourself each week helps remind you to get into the gym and move. The more you move, the better you feel and the more you will want to continue moving.

Once you reach a weekly MEP total for a few weeks, you can increase that goal and try to achieve more MEPs for a few weeks. The Myzone app keeps a record of each workout, and you can always look back and see your progress from when you started.   

For newbies, gym vets, and everyone in between, recording your workouts is a helpful way to keep your gym motivation and fitspiration going month after month. Writing them down or using a wearable like the MZ-Switch can be as effective as it is simple. Choose the best path for you on your fitness journey! 

Written by: Gini Grimsley, VASA Fitness’ Director of Fitness Product