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Healthy Lunches On the Go

Sep. 9, 2020 / Julia Price
Healthy Lunches On the Go

Lunch is important and it’s always tricky if you forget to bring something to work or school and don’t have time to get takeout. Plus – when you forget your lunch it is that much easier to make a trip to the snack drawer or live on an energy drink. Eating lunch is important to help keep your energy up throughout the day so you can stay focused, motivated, and get things done! When you fuel your body with healthy food you feel good and your brain can do its job.

However, packing lunch is another thing on your to-do list, and can be a struggle if you don’t plan. We’re here to help give you tips and ideas to make packing your lunch simple, healthy, and efficient.


3 Lunch Packing Tips


  1. Always pack a protein, starch, and a veggie. Eating a balanced meal will help you get all the nutrients you need, help keep you full, and give you energy! Bonus – add some fruit and nuts for a fully-packed meal!
  2. Multi-task – make packing lunches easier by preparing a few days at a time. Prepare your protein, carbs, and veggies all at once to help save time. Then portion them out into individual servings.
  3. Stay full! Pack snacks too to help you from getting too hungry throughout the day.


4 Healthy and Yummy Lunch Ideas


  1. Simple Sandwich with Veggies and Dip – Try out different sandwiches and add your favorite veggie and dip. Try out these HEALTHY HAWAIIAN BBQ SLIDERS and one of these AMAZING DIPS for your veggies.
  2. Quinoa or Rice Bowl – Pick your favorite starch, protein, and veggie and stir-fry them together for a great tasting bowl. Add your favorite sauce on top for the perfect combo. Check out one of these easy and delicious bowls like this SOUTHWEST QUINOA BOWL recipe or this HEALTHY FRIED RICE.
  3. Delicious soups and chili – The right soup or chili can keep you full and is perfect for colder months. Check out this super easy PLANT-BASED CHILI recipe
  4. Protein-Packed Salad – Mix together your favorite greens, protein, veggies, and dressing for the ultimate salad. Add some quinoa or sweet potato for extra nutrients!