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5 Tips for Staying Active on Vacation

Gini Grimsley
Mar. 3, 2022 / VASA Admin
A girl hiking outside

Being on vacation is a great way to switch up your workout routine and try something new! Pack your workout gear and turn any space into a gym! Keep your workouts easy, adaptable, convenient, and efficient with these easy-to-follow tips.


Get your steps in.

Walking, jogging, hiking, and running are some of the easiest, most convenient ways to get activity in. Find local trails and map your route in advance. Many urban areas have stairs that can be used to work your lower body, while beaches provide the opportunity for long runs and scenic views.


Work your body with your body.

Bodyweight exercises are easy, convenient, and can be done anywhere. Squats, pushups, single leg Romanian deadlifts, lunges, and plank shoulder taps hit the major muscle groups and will keep you strong all vacation long.


5 Tips for Staying Active on Vacation. Husband and wife kayaking together


Pick physical activities.

Kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and walking tours all allow you to see the location you’re visiting while also getting a good workout in.


Play with the locals.

Most vacation destinations have local gyms that offer day passes at a reasonable cost. Finding something you love is just a Google search away. The offerings range Check out local group fitness classes, bootcamps, and open gym time.


Bring the gym with you.

Resistance bands, suspension trainers, and jump ropes are three popular and inexpensive pieces of equipment that can be easily packed. By bringing your own gym on the road, you’ll still get in your daily workout, even in the most remote locales. Check out our 10 favorite items to travel with here.