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10 Must-Have Exercise Essentials For Travel

Haley McCoy
Mar. 3, 2022 / VASA Admin
10 Must-Have Exercise Essentials For Travel, A lady working out while at the gym

Vacations are an absolute must for both mental and physical health. Numerous studies have found productivity and creativity increase—while stress and anxiety decrease—after taking time off. It’s also a great time to assess how your body is feeling and enjoy different activities and exercise options. Though your standard gym equipment might not be readily available, you can still stay active while you travel. Here are our 10 favorite, easy-to-pack exercise accessories to bring on vacation.


Water Bottle: Staying hydrated on vacation is easy when you have a cool bottle to tote around. We’re partial to our 24-oz Hydro Bottle, which fits comfortably in a cup holder, back pack, or purse.


Sneakers: You’ll be more inclined to stay active if you have the proper footwear. Throw a pair of running or athletic shoes into your bag and go for a jog, hike, or walk. It’s the perfect way to explore your vacation spot and soak in the sights.


Headphones: Good music always puts us in the mood for a quick sweat sesh. Bring your favorite pair of headphones and jam out to some of these VASA-created playlists!



10 Must-Have Exercise Essentials For Travel, A women Jumping rope when traveling, Jump rope for travel

Jump ropes are easy to pack and a great way to add cardio to your vacation.

10 Must-Have Exercise Essentials For Travel, Man running by the beach when traveling

Grab your headphones and sneakers and head out for a run.


Resistance Bands: Just because you’re on vacay doesn’t mean you’re limited to bodyweight workouts. Our resistance bands take up minimal room in your suitcase (roll them up and tuck them in your shoes) and come in three different resistance weights.


Jump Rope: Whether you’re road tripping cross country or hopping on a plane to an exotic, locale, a jump rope is the perfect travel companion. Lightweight and easy to use just about anywhere, this is the perfect cardio tool. Check out this cordless option or opt for a more traditional version.


Fitness Dice or FitDeck: Want to get out of your workout rut, or simply looking for new challenges? Take some fitness dice with you or check out this FitDeck of cards featuring different exercises and reps. Make your workout as short or as long as you want, minimal brain power required. Kids will love it, too!


Athletic Clothes: Packing athletic wear makes it a little easier to incorporate movement into your vacation. Lightweight and sweat-wicking leggings, shorts, tees, tanks, and a hat that can be easily rolled into a suitcase or backpack without taking up valuable packing space.



To elderly ladies swimming while traveling, 10 Must-Have Exercise Essentials For Travel



Swimsuit and Goggles: If vacations near water are your jam, pack a suit and goggles and go for a swim! It’s the perfect way to burn a few calories, increase energy, improve your mood, and work on your tan—all at the same time! PSA: Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.


Massage Ball: Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation on vacation, including your muscles. A massage or lacrosse ball are easy to pack and the perfect tool to release tight spots. Check out our blog on how to use one here.


Ear Plugs: Sleep is an absolute must-have if you want to put in max efforts during workouts—and get the best results. Vacations are the perfect time to catch up on some much needed z’s. Pack some ear plugs with you to ensure you get a full eight hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep. Try this reusable pair or a less expensive throw away option.