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Wellness Reimagined

Erin Lentz
Feb. 4, 2022 / VASA Admin
Classes at Vasa Fitness, Wellness Reimagined

Yes, the pandemic marches on, albeit with some glimmer of hope at an extremely long tunnel. That said, there’s a unique movement gaining both attention and forward-thinking ideas. A “Wellness Renaissance,” as it’s been coined, has emerged over the past year. How so? Our collective approach to wellness is being reimagined, and it’s all for the better. Individually, and as a society, we are customizing and optimizing health and wellness.

According to the Thorne Report, wellness is the new “cultural currency,” and a few key takeaways have emerged: Maintaining physical health and boosting immunity is a must. Plus, a bittersweet result of the pandemic is that we’re finally elevating mental health conversations. Additionally, The 2021 Wellth Report highlights the all-important sleep-stress cycle. When we’re stressed, we typically don’t sleep well. And when we can’t sleep, we become more stressed—an insidious symbiotic relationship.

Wellness Reimagined, A personal trainer working with a man and a women at the gym

So, what’s the good news? Lots! First, let’s peek at some uplifting stats and facts from the aforementioned Thorne Report.

  • Most individuals (89%) have tried to improve at least one area of their health, with Millennials (95%) leading the way.
  • Health and wellness coaching is one of the top five most relevant exercise modalities to those aged 18-39.
  • Personal training has increased 3% from pre-Covid numbers. It’s also been reported that Generation Z has increased in-person personal training from pre-pandemic. What’s more, personal training helps clients achieve their fitness goals. In fact, 83% of active consumers who exercise in-person with personal trainers meet or exceed ambitions. Lastly, 26% of consumers say they joined a gym to work out with a personal trainer.
  • Millennials are seriously on the move! More than a third of active gym users are Millennials.

Wellness Reimagined, A group class at Vasa Fitness


The Result? Brick-and-Mortar Me, Please! We are craving in-person workouts, a sense of community, and group fitness classes—all found at our favorite gyms (including yours truly). Safely returning to the gym has been re-prioritized, and reimagined. A fallout of the pandemic is a shift to self-care, with exercise as the catalyst to not just physical, but mental wellbeing. Additionally, having fun while breaking a sweat is an intrinsic motivator, and feeling a sense of accomplishment is pivotal, too.

What does this all mean for you? Though still a great option, we are tired of virtual workouts and at-home treadmills and cycle bikes. So when you come to VASA, you’ll find elevated services, top personal trainers, and truly inspired group fitness programs. If a wellness renaissance means better training, more fun, and a keen focus on mental health, we’re all in!