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Quick Core and Conditioning Workout

Apr. 3, 2019 / Bre B
core and conditioning workout

Need a quick core workout? Look no further. Try this core and conditioning workout brought to you by our VAWESOME Fitness Coach, Paige:


Don’t forget to foam roll or stretch before your workout! This will help prevent injury, and help you warm up those muscles.

Step 1: Assault Bike

Start with 2 minutes of 10/20 intervals on the assault bike (substitute eliptical or similar cardio equipment if assault bike is unavailable)

Step 2: Core

30 second hollow hold (see picture)

step 3: rest

Take one minute and rest. Rest is an important step, don’t skip it!

repeat 3-4 times


This workout is brought to you by our VAWESOME Fitness Coach Paige. Want to learn more workouts? CLICK HERE to get a free session with a coach.