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Happy Father’s Day from our VASA Fam!

Jun. 21, 2020 / Julia Price
Happy Father’s Day from our VASA Fam!

Happy Father’s Day from our VASA family to yours! We are so grateful for all fathers and father-figures alike. There are many definitions of father and they are all important. We want to celebrate Father’s Day by highlighting some amazing fathers that are part of the VASA family.

“Being a Dad is the greatest thing has happened to me. I grew up in a home where my parents divorced when I was young. My dad was around and loved us kids but that presence was missing in my childhood. I’m so grateful for my upbringing. It drives me to the best version of me as a father because I know I have 3 little humans at home watching my every move. It’s important that my kids have that male father figure to look to and go through experiences at young age that will impact their childhood for great. Every decision I make impacts my little guys. I love my sons! I love being a dad! I’m (my wife does most of the heavy lifting to be clear lol) responsible for 3 little humans beings and that comes with a lot of responsibility. I will say this, it is extremely important to stay active and healthy. I’ve been on both sides of the health and fitness frame and currently, reeling my way back to a consistent healthy work/exercise/family balance. My boys are full of energy and I’ve gotta do my best to match it! When I’m working out consistently, eating healthy and making time to take care of my health and wellness…..there is a big difference in my energy levels, moods, and my motor runs longer and at higher pace. It’s a struggle but I know how important this is as it directly impacts my mental health. I say this time and time again. My family saved my life and gives me purpose. They are my WHY! 4 F’s (Faith, Family, Food and Fitness)! Too all my fathers out there, happy Father’s Day! Manuia le aso tama 🤙🏾” – Jimmy

“Being a Dad means unconditional love and always putting my best foot forward to be the best example for my kids! What I love about being a Dad is that I ALWAYS have an excuse to be goofy! 🤪 My kids love to have fun!” – Wayne

“Growing up I always looked forward to being a father.  I look up to my dad a lot and he was always a perfect example of how a father should be. My wife Christine has blessed me with two beautiful boys Parley and Sammie.  They wake me up every morning by crawling all over me and asking me to play with them.  They follow me everywhere I go and mimic everything I do.  There is never a dull moment with these two they keep life very interesting!  There is no way to describe how much I love my children they are my greatest blessing.  I am very grateful for the opportunity VASA gives me to provide for my family and still have plenty of time for my home life.” – Taylor

“Being a dad means everything to me, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love being a part of my children’s lives, giving my boys love and male structure, and giving my princess all the support and love that a dad can give to a daughter. They are my heart and they are the reason why I wake up and grind everyday to ensure that their worlds are as secure as can be. In today’s busy world, it is very important to be able to balance parenting and fitness which means I am up at 4am to fit in my workouts while my princess sleeps beautifully in her bed. Being a dad is VAWESOME! Happy Father’s Day to all of you!” – Tony

“I love EVERYTHING about being a dad!  From the early morning bottle feedings where it’s just he and I, to the diaper changes where I make him laugh to distract him, to playing with him and watching him learn something new every day, to our bedtime routine where my wife, Chasity, and I read books, sing songs, and pray over him.  I’ve know since I was 16 that I wanted to be a dad.  I was 41 when he was born, so I waited 25 to be a dad…and it was more than worth it! “”My wife and I have a system that works for us.  She comes to VASA early morning to get her workout while I take care of Brooks III in the morning, then I go to work after she gets home.  After work is when I have my time to address my health and fitness needs.  She and I both feel strongly about modeling a fit and healthy lifestyle for Brooks, so we prioritize our daily schedules around that.” – Brooks

“I love being a dad. My kids truly bring fullness to my life. My passion for health, fitness, and playing in the outdoors is something I take every opportunity to share with them. Now that my kids are older and getting married, staying fit is even more important—so I can out-play my new children-in-law!” – Jeff

“Being a dad is one of the greatest motivators for me to constantly focus on being a better person knowing that I’ve got little ones looking to me to be that example. I’m definitely not perfect but the other great thing I love about being a dad is that ability to keep trying to improve because in their eyes the “now” matters most.” – Keola

“Being a Dad to me means, getting up every morning and going to work.  Working out so that I can be around for them and their kids.  Taking care of their mother by going out on dates to show my boys how to treat their future wife and my daughter how she should expect to be treated.  The thing I love the most about being a Dad is spending time with them, camping, eating dinner together or playing a game together.  Since I’m here at Orem Corp find time each day to go down and work out.  The app helps me do that by reminding me that I have a time scheduled.” – Allan

“One of the (many) things I love about being a dad is getting to have “adventures” with my boys. Whether its swimming in a freezing mountain lake or just setting up the tent and “camping” in our basement, these are the experiences and memories that I treasure the most.” – Mike

“I’m incredibly blessed to have 2 beautiful girls with a third on the way and being a girl Dad  for me means watching frozen 2 on endless repeat, daily tea parties with stuffed animals, princess dresses, ballet slippers, and spontaneous dance offs. But It also means learning from my girls to be friendly and kind as they loudly wave and yell “hiiiiii” at everyone we walk past in the store or learning to find joy in simple activities like hide and seek or playing at the park. What I love most about being a Dad is the constant lessons my girls teach me about being a better person. Of all the titles I hold the one that means the most to me is “Daddy”.” – Layne