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5 Types of T.E.A.M. Training

Dec. 16, 2018 / Julia Price
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What is TEAM and what is the right fit for you? Read more to find out about each of classes! We love TEAM Training here at VASA fitness because it is a way to workout with others with similar goals, work with a coach, and push yourself!



TORQ is our total body strength training class! This T.E.A.M Training class is going to increase your strength, heart rate, and burn calories leaving you with optimal results! Our #VAWESOME coaches are going to be there pushing you every step of the way. Come get results with others who are serious about fitness!



Ready to kick things up a notch? Or two? Force is our advanced strength training TEAM class, a 30-minute total-body strength workout built to amp performance, improve muscular endurance, jack your results and put a smile on your face.



If cardio’s your thing, your heart is gonna fall in love with Ignite. This class is a flat-out fat-burning funfest; mixing challenging HIIT routines with unique cardio machines. Your VASA coach takes the lead to make sure you’re nailing the moves and your form is on point. And you’ll know exactly how you’re doing with state of the art heart rate monitoring systems. Bring some water, invite a friend and let the sweat fly!



Inspired by the continual movement of power-flow-yoga, this mind/body TEAM class is designed to improve balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility. Using your body weight and TRX bands, you’ll learn how to breathe, move, lift, and feel better – inside and out. And Breathe workouts can be tailored to any fitness level.



Express is our total body strength and conditioning class that accommodates those of you on a tight schedule. This class is 30 minutes of fast-paced exercises guaranteed to get you results and accommodate your schedules!


Come try a T.E.A.M. class today! CLICK HERE to checkout our online schedule.