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Do You Need An Accountability Partner?

Gini Grimsley
Sep. 28, 2022 / VASA Admin
Do You Need An Accountability Partner?

Workout buddy, accountability partner, gym friend, swolemate, training partner, sweat sister—whatever you call the person who keeps you honest at the gym, regularly training with someone else helps keep you motivated and on track with the fitness goals you’ve set for yourself. There’s also a good chance you’ll be more successful reaching your goals than “lone wolves” who work out alone.

Working out with someone else can improve the quality of your workouts because often times you’ll work harder during sets and work out more often because someone is expecting you to show up (making it less likely you’ll skip a workout). Workout buddies can also encourage you to try new exercises or types of workouts and build and reinforce healthy habits inside and outside the gym, like making better nutrition choices or getting enough sleep. You’ll feel more motivated to create positive change because someone expects you to show up for them in the same way they show up for you.




While there is nothing wrong with working out alone, the impact of a dependable training partner can be life changing. Those who are disciplined enough to make it to the gym consistently have an easier time with lifestyle choices outside of the gym and, at some point, probably had a workout partner. Workout partners can sometimes be hard to come by—schedules, location, and goals are all things that should be considered when setting times to work out with someone you know will hold you accountable. To find a workout partner, talk to friends, neighbors, other VASA STUDIO members, or people from the gym. Having an accountability partner allows you to spend quality time with your accountability partner in addition to getting in a great workout and can help you set up equipment and watch your technique.

The ultimate training partner who will keep you on track is a personal trainer! Personal training is centered around accountability. A trainer’s primary focus is to help you achieve the goals you set together and ensuring you have all the tools you need to reach them. Having set appointments each week ensures you’re hitting the gym and doing the appropriate kinds of workouts. A trainer will also recommend workouts to do between sessions and provide guidance around hydration and food choices.



Whether you choose to hire a professional accountability partner like a personal trainer or want to start working out with your best friend, having someone by your side makes your fitness journey more enjoyable and more efficient.