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6 Tips to Improve your Running

Jun. 1, 2021 / Julia Price
6 Tips to Improve your Running

National Running Day is this month and we want to celebrate by sharing some tips for running. Running is a sport for everyone. No matter the distance, you are still a runner. Whether you are a beginner or have been running for awhile, check out these tips to improve your sport.

  1. Get a great pair of running shoes To start every athlete needs a good pair of shoes that are geared towards their sport. Running is no different! Good shoes will help keep you comfortable during your run and support you.
  2. Cross-Train – Keep your whole body strong! Cross-training is beneficial to help prevent injuries and allow you to train without putting excessive stress on your joints.
  3. Build-up gradually – Build up gradually both time and distance of runs. Start at something manageable and keep increasing from there.
  4. Set achievable goals and celebrate small victories – Set goals that you know you can accomplish and celebrate yourself when you complete them! While PRs are amazing, it is important to acknowledge other successes along the way.
  5. Find Support – Many communities have running groups, clubs, and even online support. Finding others with similar goals help push and motivate you. Even telling a family member or friend your goals can help you succeed!
  6. Take a Rest DayAnd take breaks during your run if you need to. Don’t be afraid to stop to walk, rest, or hydrate during your workout. Plus, it is important to incorporate rest days during your training schedule to make sure your body has time to recover.

Remember, you are a runner! Keep up the great work and try out these tips.