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Upper Body Workout Using Selectorized Machines

Gini Grimsley
Oct. 11, 2022 / VASA Admin
Upper Body Workout Using Selectorized Machines

We’re kicking off the last quarter of 2022 with VASA workouts focused on using selectorized, or pin selector, machines. These machines are great for any level of fitness experience and assist in reaching most fitness goals. This month, we’ve created an upper body workout using only the selectorized machine. Focusing just on your upper body during a workout and then just on your lower body will save you time in the gym and give you something to do every day instead of taking days off between full body workouts.

Complete eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise per set, and between two to four sets, resting 45-90 seconds between each set.


Exercise 1: Chest Press
The chest press strengthens your pectoral muscles in addition to your deltoids and triceps. This exercise is a great way to build strength and sets the foundation for push-ups and bench presses.



Exercise 2: Seated Row
The seated row works both the upper back and biceps, giving you a bigger bang for your buck. This exercise works the muscles in the backside of the body you don’t necessarily see in the mirror but are essential for good posture and keeping your spine safe.



Exercise 3: Rear Delt
You’ll be hitting two exercises that focus on the upper back muscles. These muscle groups are the foundation of a strong, upright posture and help combat the hunched over postures we spend most of our days in while seated at work.

Once you get comfortable with these machines, start adding in direct arm work on the selectorized machines (or with free weights) like biceps curls, triceps presses, and shoulder work including shoulder presses and lateral raises. By using enough weight to challenge your muscles, you’ll sculpt a rock-solid upper body.