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Upper Body And Core Circuit

Feb. 8, 2017 / Bre B
vasa fitness highlights

Have you started watching our Facebook Live videos, every Thursday? If you haven’t then you need to start!

Here is our most recent one, done by Cody Napaepae at our American Fork location. He taught a upper body and core circuit, that was specially requested by one of our #VAWESOME Aurora members.


Here is a more detailed description of Cody’s circuit:


  • Feet together
  • Squeeze the glutes
  • Screw Hands into the floor, allowing elbows to come in
  • Big breath in as you lower yourself to the ground
  • Big breath out as you push back up

If you are having a difficult time doing push-ups on the ground, elevate your hands (see video).

1/2 Kneeling Anti-rotation

  • Pull the band as far as you can until you feel the band pulling you back toward the anchor point
  • Bring handles to Belly-button
  • Take a big breath in
  • As you exhale press the handles until arms are straight
  • Take a big breath in and bring handles back to belly button

TRX Rows

  • Feet together, heels in the ground, toes pointed to the ceiling
  • lean back till arms are straight
  • start with your palms facing the ground
  • hips up
  • pull handles to your ribs, rotating your hands so palms face ribs
  • pinch shoulder blades back
  • return to starting position nice and slow

To make it harder, slide your feet closer to the anchor point



  • Feet together knees together
  • Elbows under shoulders, palms flat on the ground
  • squeeze your glutes
  • Deep breath in your knows, big breath out your mouth
  • Trying to pull your elbows down toward your toes.

To make it easier elbow on a box or bench

Do 3 sets of each with 8-10 reps

Also, don’t forget to tune into our LIVE video tomorrow on our Facebook page!