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The One Thing all American’s are doing…

May. 24, 2018 / Haley McCoy
The One Thing all American’s are doing…

Think back to your last meal. Did you finish feeling uncomfortable? Maybe you needed to loosen up the pants a little or lean back in your chair to make extra room for your belly. Does the thought of going on a fast paced walk after your meal make you feel sick? If any of this describes you, then you, my friend, are overeating. *Gasp*

4 Steps to Portion Control

It’s alright, we all do it… but it’s the frequency of over-eating that matters. If you are constantly feeling this way, then I can make a pretty good guess that you are gaining weight or will be soon. Maybe you are one who has been maintaining your weight for a long time but you are ready to start losing weight. Well let’s start from where you are at. If you can make one simple portion change with each meal, you will find yourself reversing the weight gain and even starting to lose.

One Plate Method

Are you used to taking seconds with your meals? Adjusting your portions can be as simple as sticking to one plate. This means no refilling or snacking/desserting after. Your snack or dessert can be included in your meal if it fits on your plate. If you are a frequent dessert double dipper than this method can work for dessert also. Stopping at one plate can cut anywhere from 100-800 calories per meal which is easily 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. If you normally stick to one plate, this may not be the step for you.



Smaller Plate Method

A larger dish brings larger portions. If you are often feeling overly full after eating your meals, try decreasing the size of your dish (bowls included) and then stick to the one plate. Most Americans typically use a 12″ plate, try decreasing to a 10″ plate. You will trick your brain into believing you are eating a large helping when you are eating less than before.

Food Groups Method

If you have mastered the one plate method and then decreased down to the smaller plate and have plateaued, the next step is to look at the types of foods on your plate. Properly portion your plate with the right food groups. Fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter of your plate protein, and the last quarter or your plate with grains. You will default to a balanced meal with balanced calories saving you from overeating on calorie dense foods. Also, notice you still have the freedom to eat the foods you like in healthy portions.



Visual Portioning – Use your hands!

Going out to eat? Use your hands! Your hands are an always with you portion control guide. Think of the size of your palm for meats, beans, eggs or fish; the size of your fist for fruits, vegetables, and starches; and your full thumb for fats like nut butters, avocado, oils, seeds, cheeses, and dressings. Now use the following plate recipe to properly portion your meals when eating out

Plate Recipe:
1 palm of protein
1 fist of grains
1 thumb of fat
2 fists of fruit or vegetables



All of this is cool, but I need a plan…

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So what are they?

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