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Success Story | Nikki Davis

Oct. 4, 2016 / Bre B
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   This success story, that we have the honor of sharing with you, is very emotional and inspiring. It is a story about a strong women who has overcome gigantic obstacles in her life, without letting them defeat her.

   Nikki Davis is a long time member, and personal training client at our Spanish Fork location. She has been through more then most people have had to deal with in a lifetime. And she still manages to be #VAWESOME!!!

A Different Kind of Success

 “My story is different then some success stories. I haven’t had a dramatic weight loss. I have been through a few things that I could let throw me into depression. Rather, I’ve been able to fuel my emotions into the gym and help me progress beyond what I think I can do myself.”
When Nikki was sixteen, she was in a very serious accident that almost took her life. The wreck put her in a coma for four days. When she woke up she was unable to do the things that she once could, like; walk, eat, and talk. Despite her situation Nikki pushed through and regained everything that she had lost.

Nikki car wreck

Finding a Friend in Fitness

Nikki went on to get married to her husband, Tony Davis. And they ended up having two beautiful boys!
After she had their second child, she decided that she wanted to set a goal to get on stage and compete in a fitness show. When she set this goal for herself, she shared her goals with a friend and hair client of hers, named Kelly. Her friend loved the idea and ended up joining her on her fitness journey. They grew closer and ended up competing together.
   “We both did it! The feeling of setting your mind to something hard for you then reaching and accomplishing it, is such a rewarding feeling. After that I continued to go to the gym and truly found my love for fitness.”
   In January 2014 Nikki received news that her dear friend, Kelly, was victim of a terrible crime.
   “Her husband took the life of their 2 kids, Kelly and her mother before taking his own life. Even writing and reading this now, is hard… I don’t even like to believe that something like that could happen to anyone, especially not someone that close to me.”
This all happened while they were prepping for an upcoming fitness show. Losing her friend was extremely hard for her, she talked about how emotional she was at the time, and how easy it would have been to give up at that point. But Nikki kept going.
“Behind it all was Kelly’s face cheering me on from the other side saying “you got this cute girl” something she said often… I could have easily stopped prepping and put it off but that was not what I wanted. I knew that I wanted it for myself and Kelly… It was those strong, raw and real emotions that pushed me. Pushed me towards my goals.”

Nikki Davis figure competition Nikki & Kelly
   At this point, 2 years ago a professional videographer created a video of Nikki’s story (follow this LINK for the video).

Baby Ella

After all of that happened, life was quiet for about 2 years, until Nikki found out that she was pregnant with her third child!

They were thrilled to find out that they were expecting a little girl. It was shortly after receiving this wonderful news that they were told that their little girl had Trisomy 13. Baby Ella would be born with an extra chromosome causing several birth defects.

   “I did not want to believe what I was hearing. I will never forget this feeling. We were told terminating the pregnancy was an option. For us, it was never an option. I delivered Ella full term in April 2016. My daughter made it here. Now a family of 5. She was with us 5 1/2 hrs before she peacefully returned to heaven. By far, the hardest thing I’ve ever done yet it is my most cherished memory and wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Nikki Davis - Success Story

   “After having a baby you deal with all the postpartum stuff and top that with the grieving, it can be unbearable. I find my outlet at the gym. Believing in myself and knowing there are others there who believe in me, also gives me so much strength. Having a goal, working hard for it and achieving it is so rewarding. After going through everything this past April I was able to start out by doing few memorial runs then a half marathon followed by a couple Spartan Races. I am forever grateful for those who have believed in me and those who give me the power to believe in myself also.” – Nikki Davis



Nikki and Jared Perez

Keep it up Nikki, you are amazing!!!

Do you know someone with an inspiring success story? Comment below, we would love to hear it!