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Staying in Shape While Traveling

May 9, 2015 / VASA Fitness

I love to travel! Travel means adventure, fun, relaxation. I like to travel as much as possible. As great as it is, vacations often mean a lot of eating especially eating out. Depending on the trip, there might be more snacking, desserts, and drinks than normal. All those extra calories combined with being away from the gym can make it tricky to stay in shape, but it is possible to maintain fitness while traveling. Many hotels and resorts have a gym on the property. Even if there isn’t a fitness center, it is possible to stay in shape while away from your home gym.

1. Plan Ahead

-check with your hotel before traveling to see if there is a fitness center available

-pack appropriate clothing and shoes (gym clothes, running shoes, gps watch, etc.)

2. Do Something Active Everyday (even if your trip is pretty relaxing, it’s good to move your body a little each day)

-wake up early and go for a morning run

-hike through the mountains

-walk to dinner

-take an evening walk on the beach or even around the hotel

3. Do the Best You Can and Get Back to Normal at Home

-be as active as the travel allows but also take time to relax

-fit in exercise when you can

-jump right back into your typical workout routine when you get home (it’s easy to make excuses for not getting right back to the gym, but the longer you wait, the harder it is)


I always try to exercise daily even when I travel. It isn’t always possible, but when I make the efforts to get in at least a short workout, I enjoy my vacation so much more. I feel more relaxed knowing I am staying in shape.


What do you do to maintain fitness while traveling?