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Spring Training Workout

Mar. 2, 2021 / Julia Price
Spring Training Workout

Spring is practically here and we are ready to kick into gear! Try out this full-body agility training. Need help with one of the exercises? We have got you covered – ask a fitness trainer at your closest location for details on these moves and others like them.


Spring Training Workout



  • 8 (each side) Lateral Kettlebell Swings 

Repeat for 2-4 sets

Superset 1

  • 8 (each side) Reverse lunge to Step-up 
  • 5 (each side) Rotational Med Ball Shot Put

Repeat for 2-4 sets

Superset 2

  • 12 Banded Explosive Pull Down
  • 5 Box Hurdle (decrease box height if needed)

Repeat for 2-4 sets

Sprint to 1st Base

  • 25 yd Turf Sprint

Rest 30 seconds – 1 minute and repeat 10x.


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