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Recovery: Best Cool-Down Moves

Aug. 7, 2019 / Julia Price
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We’ve heard of the importance of warm-ups… It prevents injuries and helps prepare you for your workout. But, let’s talk about something that is often looked over, cooling down. Cooling down is important because it helps lower your heart-rate and breathing gradually, prevents injury, and helps prevent muscle soreness and tightness.

Because cooling down is so important, we thought we would share our favorite cool-down moves and tips with you!



  • Start your cool down by slowing down your pace


  • Stretch your entire body, focusing on the key muscles used


  • Don’t just stretch! Foam rolling tight muscles is key


Cool-Down Moves to Try

  • Hip lifts- a great toning and low impact move.


  • Floor slides- helps with posture and bringing the heart rate down.


  • Supine hip flexion- helps with hip tightness and are great for after a cardio-based workout.


  • Prayer stretch with foal roller- helps with shoulder tightness.


  • Deadbug- helps with back and hamstring tightness.


Want to learn more about cooling down and low impact moves and stretches? Come in and ask one of our #VAWESOME coaches to help you out!