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Personal Training Success | Melinda Parshall

Nov. 30, 2016 / Bre B
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Here is the #VAWESOME story of one of our members and personal training clients.

This is a written testimonial of Melinda Parshall’s experience, she is a member at our North Orem location. We are so excited to share how far she has come, and hope that her story UPLIFTs you as much as it has us.


“Hi, My name is Melinda Sue Parshall. I go by Mel.  I am 49 years old and have been a VASA member since February 2016.”

“I have been struggling with weight and self esteem issues my entire life up until I started training at VASA.  I am a mother of 2 teen age boys and a step-mom to 2 other people.  I moved from Las Vegas almost 4 years ago and had been hiding behind binge eating to keep feelings from surfacing.  On February 2nd after dropping from 215 down to 189.9, I joined you guys.  There was an incentive.  I work at Home Depot and they were having a biggest loser challenge.  I figured I am game so I nervously walked into the gym to sign up.  Originally for the lower cost membership.  There was a very outgoing trainer there at the time named Sarah.  She and Devin talked me into personal training.”


Starting The Fitness Journey

“I was a little nervous.  I started this part of the journey weighing in at 188.8, Body Fat percentage at 43.3%, Standing at the awesome height of 5 ft 2 inches.

We started our journey.  Could not plank, barely was able to do a sit up and would be winded after a couple minutes of fast paced walking.  Lets not even think about running. Doing squats was a joke because I also had no balance.


I have worked with some really awesome trainers,  I have worked with Ashley, and Jenny at 800 North.  I worked out with Dustin for a long time also at 800 North before he moved to Spanish Fork. ( I will be starting again with him bi-weekly in Spanish Fork)  I have also trained with Jordan”


Melinda’s Successes

“These awesome people have helped me achieve goals I never thought possible.  I can now plank like no ones business.  I have run 2 5K’s and bettered my time.  I have run a 10 K and also a Half Marathon.  I do tons of walking and hiking.  I am currently recovering so that I can train for my next Half Marathon on my 50th Birthday.


I have learned that quit is not in my vocabulary anymore.  I have also learned that it is okay to rest.  I do not have to constantly hate my self for what I have done in the past.  The only way I can improve is to allow myself to be human.  I just keep getting up each time I fall and don’t quit doing.”



February 2016
Melinda 3
July 2016
Melinda 2

“I have dropped 30 inches over all and have also dropped down to 150.  My Body fat percentage is down to 34 %.  The greatest thing is trying on clothes.  Going from a large size 18 jeans down to a 6/8 pair of jeans is sweet.  I do not have to wear the Just My Size selection anymore .  I don’t hide from the mirror anymore.  I am a new me and I am so grateful for my VASA family!!”



 Keep up the good work Mel! We are so proud of you and the great steps that you have taken to better your life.

Do you have a success story that you would like to share? Comment below, we would love to hear it.