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Need Some Fitness Advice?

Jan. 27, 2017 / Bre B
vasa fitness highlights
Do you need a little change to your workout routine? Do you need some gym or fitness advice?

Our amazing, certified trainers are here to help you out with that! We will be doing a Facebook Live video each Thursday with one of our #VAWESOME trainers, and we invite you all to tune in and ask that trainer whatever fitness questions you may have!

Here is our first trainer Q & A done by the incredible, Michelle Lee, at our University location:

Here is a detailed explanation of the workout, a long with a harder version of it (progression) and an easier version (regression).

Goblet Squat:

  • Hold a weighted Kettle bell in the goblet position then squat to approximately 90 degrees. Repeat 10-12 times for 3 rounds.
  •  Regression: Lower your weight or do body weight squats only.
  •  Progression: Increase your weight or get rid of the platform.

Tall Kneeling Anti- Rotation:

  • Position yourself with both knees on the ground in a tall kneeling position. Wrap the resistance band around something sturdy and pull it out to the center of your body. Push outwards while exhaling and keeping your core tight. Repeat 10-12 times each side for 3 rounds.
  •  Regression: Get a lighter resistance band.
  •  Progression: Move to a ½ Kneeling position.

DB Row:

  • Bend at the hips with a flat back while holding the dumbbell in one hand. Pull the dumbbell up while pinching your shoulder blades together. Repeat in each hand 10-12 times for 3 rounds.
  • Regression: Lower your weight or do rows on the TRX bands.
  • Progression: Increase the weight in each arm.

Check out Michelle’s impressive portfolio by CLICKING HERE.

Do you have any questions on this workout? Tag Michelle on our Facebook Live post and she would be HAPPY to answer them! Interested in our Personal Training program? Get a FREE fitness assessment HERE.

Don’t forget to tune in next Thursday at 1PM, we will be doing a core & upper body workout! Do you have any requests on what you want to learn? Comment below and we will make it happen!