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Mother’s Day Gifts For Active Moms

Katie Wilson
Apr. 27, 2023 / VASA Admin
Mother’s Day Gifts For Active Moms

Mother’s Day is May 12, and we want to celebrate all the fitness moms out there! Moms who love to stay active and fit deserve a special kind of recognition, and what better way to show your appreciation than by gifting them something that complements their active lifestyle? Whether your mom is a yoga enthusiast, runner, a lifting junkie, or a cyclist, we’ve got you covered! From workout gear to recovery tools, we’ve curated a list of thoughtful and practical gift ideas that will make your mom’s day and help her stay on top of her fitness game.



For The Runner Mom 
  • Comfortable Leggings: A great pair of leggings, like our camo leggings, are great for outdoor runs or miles on the treadmill!   
  • Durable Running Shoes: There are many great running shoe options. Take your mom to a local running store where they can assess your mom’s stride and provide feedback on the perfect shoe based on foot shape and running type! 
  • Running Belt: A running belt is perfect way to carry small items like a phone, ID, and gels. Some even come with water bottle holders for long distance runs. There are many great options like this one from Lululemon that comes in a variety of fun colors.



For The Yoga Mom 
  • Travel Yoga Mat: A yogi can never have enough yoga mats! A lightweight travel mat is a great option for the on-the-go mom who wants to get in a quick session wherever she goes! 
  • Towel: Yoga can be hard work, and for the mom who enjoys a hot yoga session, a towel like our red VASA towel is perfect to throw in a workout bag.  
  • Yoga Blocks: For the beginner yogi, an exercise block can lend a hand and act as a bridge for more difficult poses while building strength and flexibility.



For The Lifting Mom   
  • Shaker Bottle: Every lifter needs a good shaker bottle for their protein! VASA offers an affordable option for just $8 that can be purchased in club or online. 
  • Protein Powder: Speaking of protein, VASA sells chocolate flavored Bucked Up protein, available in-club only. 
  • Foam Roller: Foam rolling is one of the best recovery tools to treat sore muscles and increase performance and flexibility.



For The Cycling Mom  
  • Handlebar Bag: A handlebar bag is the perfect gift for any cycling mom—think fanny pack that sits on the handlebars of a bike for easy access to anything she may need on a ride. It also prevents the dreaded sweaty back that backpacks can cause.  
  • A Lightweight Water Bottle: An easy-to-carry water bottle is essential for anyone going on long-distance rides. Here is a great option that keeps water chilled without the nasty plastic taste that can come with some water bottles.  
  • Roadside Repair Kit: A tire blowout is an inevitable yet annoying reality of going on long rides, especially on a road bike. It’s good to always be prepared with a roadside repair kit for when the unexpected pops up!