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Koryl’s VASA Story

Apr. 9, 2024 / VASA Admin
Koryl’s VASA Story

My story starts five years ago. I had knee surgery, and my physical therapist advised me to continue exercising at home with a stationary bike or to go to a gym. I decided to check out VASA since it was close to my house. When I signed up, I was offered a free training session with a Personal Trainer. I’d never had one before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. At the time, I was using a cane, and my confidence level was really low—I couldn’t even look up to meet people’s eyes. I was so ashamed of how I looked. I didn’t really know if they could help me, but I knew I needed to give it a try if I wanted to become stronger.

I went in, and oh my goodness! I met this amazing trainer, Brenda. She was kind, helpful, and understanding with my slow speed and lack of experience. She taught me things I didn’t know before. A few days after that session, I was asked in a follow-up call if I wanted to continue working with a trainer. At first, I wasn’t sure because of the cost, but I prayed and knew it was something I needed to do. I started seeing Brenda once a week for 30 minutes. I learned so many things along the way. It was hard, but it was also very helpful and I learned a lot about myself. I was so grateful for this opportunity.


After Koryl hit a bench press PR


As time went on, I knew I still needed my Personal Trainer and could benefit with more time from her, so I upgraded to hour-long training sessions. Now, my confidence is up! Not only can I walk without a cane, but I can run! And I walk with confidence. I can do so many things I couldn’t before, and I feel really good! I am grateful I can work with Brenda every week because she has taught me that exercise is more than just working out, it’s about how I see myself and becoming strong so I feel confident in who I am.

I always look forward to training with Brenda. She checks in with me every week and genuinely wants to know how I’m doing. She takes extra time to show me she cares and makes sure I have a great session, regardless of whether I’m having a bad or great day. If I’m having issues, she takes that into consideration. That’s one thing about her that I really appreciate. If my arms, legs, or feet are really bothering me, she will talk with me about it and help me do things differently so I won’t hurt that part of my body. I am so thankful I’ve had this opportunity.

My body has become stronger. I have become more confident and look up instead of hanging my head down. I love myself a lot more because of Personal Training. If anyone is on the fence about doing Personal Training, I would advise you to give it a try. You will be glad you did.

What does Koryl’s Personal Trainer, Brenda, have to say?

When Koryl started with me, I couldn’t get her to look up! She would never look me in the eye; I would have to squat down and look up at her to see her face. Her whole body was closed in and protective. Now, she’s like the club mascot! She cheers for everyone and is such a light!