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Is Getting a Personal Trainer Worth It?

Gini Grimsley
Aug. 23, 2022 / VASA Admin
Is Getting a Personal Trainer Worth It?

For many, hiring a personal trainer is the catalyst to sweeping changes in their lives, both inside and outside the gym. For others, a personal trainer is the key to refining established habits and unlocking even greater potential. Whether you’re an experienced gym-goer or just starting on your fitness journey, personal trainers are worth the investment so you can reach your goals efficiently.



Personalized Workout Plans

Personal trainers have the knowledge and skill to tailor a comprehensive training program to meet your specific wants and needs. Having a plan and an expert set of eyes watching you move can take away the stress of research and planning your own workouts so you can ensure you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently than you might be able to on your own. A great personal trainer will avoid a one size fits all approach. They will take the information they learn about you, your lifestyle, and your fitness experience and build a program that works for you specifically.


Accountability & Motivation

Hiring a personal trainer provides extra incentive to get out of the house and hit the gym. Consistently scheduled appointments with your personal trainer, who wants the best for you, is a great way to keep your motivation high and keep you moving towards positive results—even on the days you might not feel like working out. Your personal trainer will hold you accountable and help you carve out time for yourself, even on the days when life feels hectic.



Safety & Injury Prevention

Working out with bad technique could lead to injury. If the load is too much and the technique is bad, the chance of both overuse and acute (accidental) injury tends to increase significantly. Having a personal trainer will help you use proper form and will help you pick a challenging but suitable weight appropriate for your strength and skill level.

Personal trainers are also able to spot problems like muscle imbalances before they develop into larger issues. Most gymgoers prefer workouts they enjoy but ignore exercises that can truly help them and round out their physical fitness. Part of the personal trainer’s job is to create a comprehensive program that balances things like total body strength, endurance, power, and recovery. This will help create well-rounded fitness and prevent overtraining.


Getting Results

Seeing progress is one the most satisfying things about going to the gym. However, when progress stalls, most gym-goers quit because they aren’t sure about what to do next. Personal trainers set up training sessions, provide homework and tasks to complete outside scheduled sessions, and advise on recovery to ensure plateaus are avoided. They can also track your progress in several ways that might not be reflected on the scale: By measuring fat loss and muscle gain using an InBody scale; noting the amount of weight and reps you can complete over weeks and months; taking progression and before and after photos; and measuring cardiovascular capacity.

Investing in a personal trainer is just that—an investment—but one that will improve your quality of life for years to come. While personal training might feel like an out-of-reach luxury, VASA Fitness offers many different session types, session lengths, and durations of programs to meet your needs and budget. From the individual attention of one-on-one sessions to the community support and accountability of semi-private sessions, VASA’s team of certified Coaches will create personalized plans just for you so you can reach your goals and feel strong and confident both inside and outside the gym.