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How can exercise help you at School and Work?

Sep. 3, 2018 / Haley McCoy
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There are precisely 213 reasons to exercise.

Okay, maybe not “precisely,” but there are countless reasons to hit the gym. I bet you can guess reasons 1-3, but did you know that exercise does more than help you lose weight, gain muscle, and look good? News flash! Exercise is just as important for your mental wellness as it is for your physical wellbeing. If you want to succeed in school or on the job you just might want to consider a few more of the benefits that exercise has to offer.

First off, let’s get your engine roaring.

The thought of a good workout may make you feel tired, but actually, exercise is like filling up your gas tank. Most people turn to caffeine when they need a boost of energy. Unlike coffee, sugar, and energy drinks- which have their own list of detriments- exercise offers sustained energy, not the kind of energy that will lead to a crash later on. When you increase your heart rate and use your muscles you are helping your body to mechanically deliver nutrients to your tissues and organs. In addition to having long lasting fuel, the endurance and strength your build from your workouts will make your demanding day at school or 8 hour work day seem bearable.

Life should be more than just bearable.

Let’s keep going. In the words of Vitamin C, “Put a smile on your face, make the world a better place.” Did you know, exercise can do that too? It sure does! If you’ve ever heard of endorphins you know that they are happy hormones- regulators of a positive attitude. Heightened by physical activity, endorphins act much like morphine; not only do they reduce your perception of pain, but they can actually give you a buzz. Exercise fights depression, gives you confidence, provides social interaction, and keeps that smile on your face.

The most important advantage exercise offers to students and employees is…

Brain power. Exercise increases overall mental function by stimulating hormone release of cells in the hippocampus- the area responsible for memory and learning. Working out is for more than jocks and athletes. It is for valedictorians and CEO’s who wish to increase their ability to concentrate, reason, focus, and remember.

Isn’t that amazing?

And after you’ve put a full day’s work in, exercise will also help with those zzz’s. It has been proven that exercise helps you fall asleep faster and deeper. No more counting sheep or nights when you can’t power off. With a good workout and a reasonable bedtime, you will feel refreshed and ready to hit the grind day after day.

Find your why.

The benefits of exercise are amazing and they are real! It doesn’t matter what kind of physical activity you like, just do it and reap the rewards. Energy, happiness, mental clarity, and better sleep are just the beginning of what exercise can do for you. Discover your reason to work out and watch as being healthier improves other aspects of your life.