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Jun. 29, 2016 / Bre B
vasa fitness highlights

Are you curious about the HIGH fitness class?

We are super excited to share with you, a little sneak peek into one of them. This specific class is taught by one of our wonderful instructors Meta, and is held on Monday nights at the Saratoga Springs, VASA Fitness location.

What makes it special?

HIGH fitness is a high energy, intense, choreographed workout that is EASY to follow. It will give you an interval, plyometrics and cardio workout all in one fun and upbeat class.

This relatively new form of exercise was developed by two moms, who were not satisfied with the aerobic and fitness classes that were available to them. In one interview with Fox 13, they explained that the classes were either too dance-y or a basic hit training, that were way too quick and exhausting. Their goal in creating this class was to combine what they loved about the other aerobic classes into one hour long HIGH fitness mix, that would give you the both the workout of a boot camp class, and the fun upbeat atmosphere of the dance classes.

Interested in joining the fun? Click HERE to find a time that works with your schedule.