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Health Benefits of Swimming Regularly

Sep. 1, 2023 / VASA Admin
Health Benefits of Swimming Regularly

Dive into better health with swimming! Swimming is a better workout than most give it credit for. The physical and mental benefits of swimming are wide-ranging, and it’s a versatile type of exercise that’s accessible to most ages and ability levels. Here are some of the health benefits of swimming:



  • Low-impact: Swimming laps and exercising in the water is a great way to move the body without impact on your joints. Those with arthritis know how painful activities involving pounding—like running, aerobics, and dancing—can be. Water allows the body to float, taking the load of joints and helping reduce pain outside the water.
  • More challenging than walking: The resistance of water is 12x the resistance of air, and swimming uses muscles throughout the body, whereas walking primarily uses muscles in the lower body. Whether you’re swimming laps, running in the water, or just treading water, you’re able to activate more muscles with more resistance, leading to bigger results and a greater calorie burn.
  • Builds endurance and strength: As mentioned above, more muscles are involved when swimming, which leads to improved endurance and overall body strength. For extra cardio work, or for active recovery after heavy strength training, head to the pool—your body will appreciate the gentle movement.
  • Improves mental health: Swimming has been shown to improve feelings of wellness, similar to yoga, and can help decrease stress and anxiety over a 12-week period. Spending time with your head in the water and focusing on breathing with each stroke can drive you to a more relaxed state after your laps are done.



Excited to dive in? Here are a few ways to enjoy the pool:

  • Lap swim: This can be done with any stroke (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, or doggie paddle), or with tools like the kickboard and pull buoy. You can focus on finishing one length at a time if you’re just starting out or knocking out a few laps if you’re more experienced in the pool.
  • Tread water: Usually taught as a water safety technique, treading water can be a challenging, full-body workout. Treading water is great for people with limited shoulder mobility, or anyone looking to improve their core and leg strength (in addition to cardiovascular endurance). Treading water works the core, hips, legs, and arms!
  • Water aerobics: Made popular in the 1980s, water aerobics has made a comeback and is a great way to enjoy the pool in a community. Using hand weights and floats, you’ll challenge many of the muscles in the body in a fun, social, and supportive atmosphere.

No matter your experience with swimming and water activities, there are many ways to enjoy the pool and the benefits of being in the water. Your body and mind will thank you for it! Head to your local VASA and jump in—the indoor pool and wet area amenities are available to Fitness and STUDIO members.