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Family Fitness: Tips for Staying Active

Sep. 7, 2021 / Julia Price
Family Fitness: Tips for Staying Active

With school in full swing and summer drawing to a close, physical activity should still be a goal for every family. Here are a few ideas of how to keep the entire family unit active going into the fall:

  • After-dinner walks
    • Eating a healthy meal together provides you with time to catch up on the day’s events. Afterward, take a walk to enjoy the sunset. Just 15 minutes of walking gives you extra quality time while also decreasing stress and improving digestion.
  • Yard Work and Gardening
    • As the weather gets cooler and leaves start to fall from trees, one of the best ways to get in some activity is by raking. From shoulders to core to legs, yard work can be a full-body exercise. When springtime rolls around, planting a vegetable garden not only sneaks in more activity but provides healthy food throughout the summer.
  • Dance Party
    • Crank up some tunes and shake your booties together. Whether you’re a pro-dancer or even a wallflower, dancing will leave you smiling and get your heart rate up after a few songs.
  • Obstacle Course
    • Use things around the house like laundry baskets, pillows, shoes, and more to create your own obstacle course in the backyard or at a local park. Run, jump, crawl, and roll your way to a fun family event.
  • Fitness TV
    • Squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and planks are great and are simple for the whole family to do. Streaming a show? Take a 10-minute walk around the block between episodes.

The more the family moves together, the more fun you’ll have! Increased movement and good food choices will help keep the family healthy, active, and injury-free!

Written by: Gini Grimsley, VASA Fitness’ Director of Fitness Product