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Employee Wellness Month

May 28, 2024 / VASA Admin
Employee wellness

In the world of fitness, progress is often measured by scales and PRs (personal records), but there is more to consider when wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our mental and physical health thrive on the hours we spend in the gym and the habits we cultivate outside those walls. We asked some VASA Fitness employees what they do for their health and well-being outside the gym. Their responses shed light on how to get started and the importance of creating a balance of movement in day-to-day life. 

What do you do outside the gym or working out that helps you maintain your health and wellness? 

“Spending time outside in sunshine and fresh air always puts me in a good mood. When I want to relax, I prefer reading—it’s a true physical and mental break because I can’t multitask. I also journal before bed. Getting my thoughts on paper helps reduce any stress or anxiety I might be feeling.” - Haley McCoy, Sr. Brand Director 

“I recently started riding dirt bikes with my son. It sounds crazy, but I’m working out muscles I didn’t even know I had. For my mental health, I wake up at 4:30 am to drink my coffee in peace. It’s my time for me. - Whitney Huff, Facilities Project Manager 

 “I love to prioritize movement every day, especially with family walking the dog, riding bikes, playing pickleball and tennis, and playing in the pool.” - Meghan Saar, Fitness Product Manager 

 Why do you think it’s essential to prioritize your mental and physical health? 

“I feel better about myself and am more energized, which allows me to handle the stresses of everyday life better.” - Mike Gaal, Sr. VP of Accounting 

“Life is loud! Each of my outside activities has a purpose for my physical and mental health. I hike and mountain bike to be alone and find peace and quiet while building endurance. Softball is a team sport. This is for social interaction with no expectations, just true fun, and friendship.”Jaime Shaw, General Manager, American Fork 

“It’s important for me to stay strong for my family. I don’t want to miss a second of any of their activities. If my tank is empty, I cannot give them what they need.” - Whitney Huff, Facilities Project Manager 

What advice would you give someone unsure or nervous about starting their health journey? 

“Just start. Show up for yourself. Tie your shoelace and step up. Then, do it again the next day. Come into VASA and I will work out with you! We all need buddies and there are lots here!”– Jaime Shaw, General Manager, American Fork 

“Great things take time, perseverance, and a lot of emotions along the way. By embracing the journey, you’re more likely to enjoy the process and find some amazing people and memories along the way.” Sophia Alvarez, Personal Training Lead, Westminster Zuni 

 “If you fall off track, get right back after it, and don’t let excuses win. If you wait, there is always an excuse that can get in the way, so don’t let your excuses win and keep you from reaching your goals. Focus on your why and keep going after what makes you happiest.”Meghan Saar, Fitness Product Manager. 

 Just like learning to ride a bike, it might take some time before you feel comfortable exercising. The most important thing is to give yourself time. Whether you’re working on your mental or physical health, both take patience and effort.   

Progress isn’t confined to the gym; it’s also found in the activities we pursue outside. By being mindful of your daily habits and activities, you create a foundation for a lasting, well-rounded lifestyle. So, whether it’s a walk in the park, a quiet moment with a book, or a thrilling new adventure, remember that every step, big or small, contributes to your journey toward a healthier, happier you.