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Couple Workout Goals for Better Health

Gini Grimsley
Nov. 1, 2022 / VASA Admin
Couple Workout Goals for Better Health

It’s a well-known fact having a workout partner enhances your time at the gym. And when it’s your significant other, the benefits are even greater! Not only will working out with your significant other increase the amount of quality time you spend together, but you’ll also find you’re more motivated to work out because you have an accountability partner, leading to greater gains and improved fitness!


Quality Time

Life is busy with kids, work, school, sports, friends, neighbors—the list of priorities and daily activities can go on and on. Exercise is a guaranteed way to improve your health, and spending time in the gym with your loved one is a great way to ensure you’re both prioritizing fitness and well-being. Exercising with your significant other is an opportunity to learn more about your partners’ preferences, likes, and dislikes and a much healthier way to spend time together than sitting at home bingeing another TV show. Time spent improving your health together will have a positive impact on your relationship.



Motivation & Accountability

Getting up and going to the gym is hard. It’s even harder when you’re doing it alone. When you work out with your significant other, someone else is expecting you to show up to support them as well. Having a gym buddy gives you something to look forward to and means you’re more likely to go the gym and move your body on the days you don’t want to. Working out with someone else also means you have someone to push you while ensuring you’re safe. Many times, people who work out by themselves won’t push as hard as they can because no one is watching or because they don’t feel safe lifting heavier without a spotter. Not only will you have someone watching your back during the big lifts, but you’ll probably also get a solid high-5 after a tough set!


Partner Workouts

Working out with your partner can look different depending on the goal of your workout. Synchronized squats, push-ups, and sprints may be great for cardio-based days, whereas longer rest breaks with more time to talk between hard efforts on the bench press may be more in line with your goals. You can also consider taking a STUDIO RED HIIT class so you can get in both cardio and strength work. No matter what, enjoy the time you get to spend with your partner moving your bodies together.



Create A Plan & Celebrate

In order to get the most out of your workouts, here are a few tips to get and keep your dynamic duo going:

  • Discuss your goals (they don’t have to be the same)
  • Pick the days and times you want to go to the gym and put them on a shared calendar
  • Decide what types of workouts you want to do each day
  • Pack your clothes, shoes, and water bottle the night before
  • Recognize your partner’s achievements and focus on how strong, fast, and powerful the other is becoming (instead of focusing on how their body looks)
  • Cook healthy meals together to support your workouts
  • Determine how you want to celebrate achieving your goals, then set new ones!


When you hit the gym regularly with your significant other, you’ll spend more time together and will both be healthier, making things like vacations, hikes, and long walks on the beach easier. VASA offers numerous options for working out with a friend or partner including STUDIO RED classes, group fitness classes, or even working with one of our certified personal trainers.