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3 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

Feb. 17, 2020 / Bre B
3 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

You come to our clubs to get healthy and we want you to stay that way!

Not only is it cold and flu season, but concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus are everywhere. We are doing everything we can to keep our clubs clean and sanitized, but also wanted to share some tips for how to avoid getting sick.

1. Wash your hands

The #1 way to prevent communicable disease is to wash your hands, so please do this often!

2. Lose the shoes

Remove your shoes and coat as soon as you get home. Shoes and coats are covered in germs, so to minimize the spread of those germs take them off as soon as you get home to keep them on your shoes and away from the rest of your home.

3. BRING your Pen

Use your own pen. Pens get used over and over again, so to avoid the bacteria on them, just use your own!


And we want to make sure our VASA kids are staying healthy too! Don’t forget to keep your kids (and yourself) home if you are feeling under the weather.

CLICK HERE more tips on how to avoid getting sick this year.