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Feb. 6, 2018 / Bre B
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If you came to FitCon last year, you know it was great. But this year, it is going to be bigger and even BETTER! And here is why..

VASA Fitness & FitCon are teaming up once again

Of course we are, this is the biggest fitness expo in Utah, why wouldn’t we?! FitCon is all about finding your fit, & that is something we can get behind. There will be tons of fitness vendors from around the state, amazing fitness classes (including some from your favorite VASA fitness coaches), and celebrities! Plus if you are a VASA member, you get an exclusive discount (see below).

FitCon has re-branded itself, here is what is new..

FitCon has a new logo, new look & new goals for their upcoming events. They are taking what they did before, only making it bigger, better and more diverse. Here is are their key points of change, & a few words from their founder:

Here is FitCon’s why:
  1. Find Your Fit – The definition of ‘fit’ is complex and subjective. We want to break all  barriers of the ‘right fit,’ and celebrate the ability for everyone to be active. We do not believe that there is one definition for the word ‘fit,’ and we encourage every person to find their fit. Whether that is weight lifting, sports, running, or hiking. FIND YOUR FIT.Our Commitment – We will feature multiple types of fitness at FitCon and expose people to new types of modalities. We will be diverse and showcase many different elements of fitness.
  2. We Want To Place Utah On The Map – FitCon is now attracting the attention of national companies! In our first couple years, they wouldn’t give us the time of day, because it was in Utah. We still sold out with huge success our first year and have gotten bigger and better since. We believe that Utah is a mecca for fitness, and we want to showcase it to the world.Our Commitment – We will do everything in our power to bring the top companies, influencers, athletes, and competitions to FitCon. This way, we will continually showcase the power of fitness in Utah.
  3. We Are More Than An Event – A major reason for our re-brand is to do exactly that, create a brand. We felt that our previous logo was not a brand, but a convention. We are more than an expo, we are a fitness brand. We have plans to expand in many areas in the near future that people can relate to, connect with, and support.Our Commitment – We will continue to provide first class products that provide value to our customers. Quality is our first priority, and we will do everything possible to exceed expectations.
  4. We Will Evolve With The Industry – The fitness industry evolves all the time and is continuing to expand. It is necessary to evolve with it.Our Commitment – We will continue to offer new and exciting competitions, events, and products for all people in the fitness industry.

The Bottom Line

“Our primary goal is to provide immense amounts of value to our customers. We have a new commitment to exceed expectations and give every person a chance to be inspired. Our goal is to be the best quality brand possible, and we felt a  new logo, brand, and identity is a step in the right direction.”

-Dallin Rogers, FitCon Founder

If you are a VASA Member, you get a discount! But there is an expiration date..

Because you are a VASA Fitness member, you get a special discount! Use discount code ‘VASA’ when purchasing a ticket today to redeem your discount. But don’t wait around, this offer expires on 3/1/18! Follow this link to get your tickets: