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Tips For Adjusting Your Fitness Goals For The Summer

Gini Grimsley
Jun. 6, 2024 / VASA Admin
Tips For Adjusting Your Fitness Goals For The Summer

Adjusting your fitness goals to take advantage of the warmer weather this summer is crucial for maintaining your fitness. You can enjoy all the summer activities and while still maintaining your health and fitness. While many workouts can be done outside, there are certain exercises that may still require going to the gym. Here are three tips to help you prioritize your time and stay active this summer.

Female athlete sitting beside the indoor pool at VASA Fitness

  1. Incorporate Outdoor Activities Into Your Routine. Hit the trails for a hike, take a swim in the pool, or opt for a lunchtime walk instead of your usual gym cardio. You’ll reap the benefits of being outdoors and in nature, while also boosting your Vitamin D levels for overall health. Hiking challenges your ankles and leg muscles more than traditional treadmill walking and helps you focus on each step, potentially reducing stress by taking your mind off other things. Swimming provides a full-body workout that’s gentle on the joints. Incorporating swimming laps a few times a week, joining an aqua fitness class, or walking around a local park is an excellent way to elevate your heart rate without impacting your joints.
  2. Adjust Your Eating for Energy and Hydration. As the weather gets warmer, it’s important to drink more water to stay hydrated. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day. On hot days or during intense workouts, you may need to drink even more.When you’re heading out for a day at the pool or a hike, consider packing fresh fruits, nuts, jerky, and plenty of water and electrolyte drinks instead of pre-packaged snacks and drinks. This will give you a more balanced snack option. During the summer, you might not feel like eating heavy foods. You can find fresh vegetables in the produce section of your grocery store and pair them with lean proteins. Grilling them can reduce the need for added fats and provide extra water without drinking it.
  3. Modify Your Exercise Routine. Remember to shift your workouts to earlier or later in the day if the heat becomes intolerable. Exercising in a cooler environment makes it easier to maintain your normal routine. On excessively hot days, consider indoor options such as strength training or group classes. Being flexible with your workouts will also help prevent stress about missing a workout day. This approach can even be applied when you’re on vacation, ensuring that you stay consistently active.

Taking these tips into consideration will help you maintain your fitness throughout the summer months. By incorporating outdoor activities into your regular gym routine and adjusting your meal choices, you can ensure you’ll be set up for success for a summer of fun.