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6 Ways to Relax during a break

Dec. 17, 2018 / Julia Price
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Winter Break is here and whether you're taking a break from school, or work, YOU DESERVE TO RELAX. 
Here are some great ways to relax and have fun this holiday season.

6 Ways to Relax Over Winter Break


  1. Movie Marathon- Pop on your favorite movie, snuggle up by the fire and don’t be afraid to enjoy your favorite treats.
  2. Board Games, ps4 remote play games, and Hot Chocolate- You’re never too old for games! Playing board games is a great way to involve everyone. And make sure they all come by having hot cocoa.
  3. Bake a treat- whether it’s your favorite or a new treat, bake something and share it!
  4. Visit your favorite Coffee shop or Cafe- simply watch the snow fall by staying warm and treating yourself. Don’t forget to bring your favorite book or podcast to listen to!
  5. Journaling/Meditating/Doodling- Do something simple-for just you-that will help you relax and make your mind off of all your stresses.
  6. Add Stretching to your Workout- Stretching is a great way to warm-up and cool-down the body before and after physical activity. It’s great for your muscles! Working out is great for stress and your endorphin levels. Come try one of our Yoga classes to stretch out!