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Join the VASA Fitness Zumba Party

Mar. 10, 2017 / Bre B
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We love Zumba, we love all of the energy that it brings, and the fun and uplifting people that it attracts. We think that you will too!

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a dance party created to bring people together to workout, and have fun. It is a dance style workout choreographed around Latin and World rhythms. Click HERE for more details on this fun workout class.

Where do We Teach Zumba?

20 of our 24 locations have group fitness class programs, and all of those locations have these classes! Click HERE for our location’s schedules, and see which one fits with your agenda!

Want to See More?

We can help you out with that. Here are some of our rockstar instructors, showing you how much fun their classes can be!

 Emily at University VASA

Jacob at Saratoga Springs VASA

Alitza at Taylorsville VASA

Come Join The Party!

If you are a FITNESS member already, you are welcome to come into our #VAWESOME classes anytime! Not a fitness member, that’s okay! We are offering free classes until 3/26, so hurry and CLICK HERE to get your class pass today! See you out there!