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Get Training, Get Rewarded

Jul. 24, 2017 / Bre B
vasa fitness highlights

You all know about our #VAWESOME rewards program, but do you know all the easy ways that you can earn points? Here are some of the easy ways to earn points on our app!

Install the app!

Yes you get rewarded for installing our app. And on top of getting points, it will make your gym going experience easier! You can easily check into the gym, connect to your Myzone, and track your goals and progress.

Vasa Fitness AppVasa Fitness Google Play app

Check into the gym

Every time you check into the gym with your app, you get rewarded! Just make sure that your “location services” is turned on, and your “home location” is set to the gym you are checking into!

Finish a Training Session – NEW

That’s right! On top of your check in points, you will also get 25 reward points just for finishing your scheduled training session! This is an action that is exclusively for our training clients, see our fitness training staff for more details!

Refer a friend

This is the easiest way that you can rack up points quickly! Our app syncs with your contacts, and will allow you to send referrals to your friends with ease. And to make it even better, you will get even more points if your friend signs up.

Birthday Bonus

Every time your birthday hits, we give you 100 reward points! So make sure that you have completely updated your profile, and put your birthday in!

Update your billing

Are you still paying with a debit/credit card? Update your billing to ACH today, and get rewarded for it.

Do you want to learn what rewards you can earn on our app?! Go HERE for more information.