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Finding the Right Group Fitness Class

Jan. 19, 2024 / VASA Admin
Finding the Right Group Fitness Class

Uncover Your Potential

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or looking for a new way to shake up your routine, group fitness classes are a great place to start. There are many options like cardio, strength, or yoga; you will surely find a good fit. Breaking out of your comfort zone and taking a class to learn something new is never easy, but it is also rewarding! Studies have shown that group fitness classes can be a more efficient way to reach your goals than working out independently. So, how do you find a fitness class that will get you the results you’re looking for?


Male athlete doing stretches during a group fitness class at VASA Fitness


Define your Goals

Before starting a new fitness routine, knowing what you want to gain from it is essential. Are you trying to tone up your muscles, increase your endurance, or lose weight? Maybe you are just looking for a way to decompress from stress or meet some new friends. Identifying your goals is a jumping-off point to get you where you want to be.

Assess Your Fitness Level

When selecting a fitness class, you must first understand the fitness level you are starting from. If this is your first time working out, or you are just getting back into the swing of things, you will want to look for the best fitness class for beginners that will cover your fundamentals. Try to avoid anything that will become overwhelming or too complicated. Otherwise, you risk not sticking with it.


Community of athletes talking before a group fitness class at VASA Fitness


Explore Your Options

Once you know your goals and fitness level, you can start exploring what’s out there for you. The great news is that many fitness centers offer free classes for prospective members! This is a great way to try something new and see if it’s a good fit. You can often pick from a range of classes, including HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, and strength training.

Shake-Up Your Routine

Use variety to your advantage. Keep your workouts fun and exciting by incorporating different classes into your weekly routine. This is a great way to challenge yourself on a regular basis, as well as maintain your interest in being active! Adding new group fitness classes to your routine also aids in avoiding fitness plateaus while also gaining new opportunities for self-growth.

Remember that finding the right fitness class is all about reaching your goals and having an open mind, so don’t wait and find a fitness class today and unlock your potential!


Female athlete dancing in a group fitness class at VASA Fitness