May Rewards Catalogue

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Rules & Redemption Process:

Las Vegas Trip - by clicking redeem on this trip, you are submitting one entry to win a trip to Las Vegas for two (travel & hotel). We will be excepting entries until 5/31/17 & we will be drawing the winner on 6/5/17. We will be contacting the winner on that day. In order to redeem this trip once you have been contacted, you must pick a date, no less then 30 days from the day you have given us notice. Once the date has been chosen, we will arrange for airfare (or gas compensation) and hotel stay in Las Vegas, NV.

To Redeem Other Prizes - To redeem any of the other prizes, you must go to the front desk at your home gym (where you workout at), and have them click redeem prize for you. DO NOT click redeem prize yourself. Once the prize has been redeemed, they will either give you the prize then, or give you instructions on what to do next.

Still Have Questions? - If you have any additional questions, please contact or give us a call at your gym, or our corporate office! 



Must be 18 years old & be a VASA Fitness member to redeem these prizes. No VASA Fitness employee is allowed to enter or redeem these prizes. Our app & these prizes are in no way affiliated with Apple. If you have any questions regarding your rewards, please contact VASA Fitness.