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H.I.I.T. And How To Use Music as a Coach

Jun. 8, 2017 / Haley McCoy
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That’s right, we are here to tell you all about high intensity interval training, why you should do it and how you can use music as your coach.

4 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

Increased Metabolic Rate

When executed properly, H.I.I.T. increases the body’s metabolic rate, even at rest for up to 48 hours after the given exercise bout.

Maximized Gym Time

It maximizes your time spent in the gym! H.I.I.T. workouts can burn equal to or more calories as long duration, moderate intensity exercise in a fraction of the time.

Get Results

Improvements in fitness, body compositions and weight loss are greater with interval training than with steady-state, long duration cardio bouts.

Cardio Health

H.I.I.T. may improve cardiovascular fitness and overall health. According to studies, potentially even in patients with diseases like coronary artery disease (CAD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). (always speak to your doctor first before trying new exercises, results vary by patient)

How To Use Your Music, as your H.I.I.T. Coach

Did you know.. 

Listening to motivational music can enhance your exercise performance without you even realizing it?! Studies have found that people listening to up-tempo music during a 15 minute treadmill run reportedly felt they were not working as hard as reported by those performing the same workout without music! Even though the music group traveled farther and worked a faster pace than the non-music group.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you listen to music that you find motivational during your workouts, you may naturally work harder! It has an ergogenic effect! This can yield faster results as you gradually begin to increase performance and burn more calories in a given exercise bout.
  • Try to keep your playlist fresh by routinely updating the songs to avoid burnout or staleness!

Helpful Tips!

  • Songs’ BPM should correspond to heart rate you hope do achieve during the workout, for example: Power Walking: 137-139 BPM, Running: 147-169 BPM, Cycling: 135-170 BPM.
  • Want some extra coaching and guidance on how to effectively do H.I.I.T.? CLICK HERE for a free training session with one of our certified trainers.
  • Want to try a H.I.I.T. class?! CLICK HERE to check out our online schedule.


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