Vasa Fitness

    "To UPLIFT everyone through fun, happy fitness."


    "We exist to help people find happiness through physical and emotional health."


    UPLIFT stands for Unity, Passion, Love, Integrity, Fun, and Trust

We are passionate about fitness and changing lives! We know that working out doesn't just benefit the body but also our emotions. Our mission is to UPLIFT everyone through fun and happy fitness. We you want you to leave happier than when you came in.  So don't be shy and give us a won't regret. If you've never been in one of our gyms, you can get a free trial pass by clicking here. We want to be your swolemate, your spa, the place you come to get stronger, to relax, to practice, and to achieve your goals! Currently 24 locations With over 180K members, our VASA fam keeps growing and we have expanded from our home state, Utah, to Colorado. We have something for everyone here so that you don't have any excuses to slack! With aerobic classes, cardio equipment, free-weights and machines, cardio theater, personal and group training... (let me catch my breath)...Ok, also, pool, Jacuzzi, tanning, hot tub, sauna, massage beds, and functional training areas. Honestly, whatever rocks your boat. So what are you waiting for? Oh, did we mention you can get all these amenities for the price of a couple lattes? Now tell us, who spoils you more than us?!