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 Get fit, feel great and earn rewards with our VASA Fitness app. The more you BURN, the more you EARN!


Our Burn & Earn badges are available to all members, and our Burn & Earn rewards program is an additional perk offered to STUDIO members, who have the opportunity to save money for taking STUDIO RED and STUDIO FLOW classes. All STUDIO members are entered into a raffle to get one month of membership dues paid for if they complete 8+ STUDIO classes in a month. One winner will be selected from each club every month and contacted by email with details about when they’ll see the discount reflected on their bill. Winners can only win once per calendar year.


    1. Make sure you have the VASA Fitness app. If you don’t, download it today to start earning!
    2. Log into your account and come in for a workout.
    3. The VASA Fitness app will track your check-ins, classes, and more and send you an alert when you’ve earned a badge.
    4. Track your progress and review badges in the app!




VASA Anniversary
Anniversary Badge

Get a Badge for each year you are a member

1st time checking into VASA
1st Time Check-In

First Time at VASA!

Four times checking into VASA
4x Check-ins/Month

4 Check-ins Per Month 

Eight times checking into VASA
8x Check-ins/Month

8 Check-ins Per Month 

12x Check-ins/Month

12 Check-ins Per Month

Fifty times checking into VASA
Having Fun

50 Check-Ins

One hundred times checking into VASA
Getting Healthy

100 Check-Ins

One hundred and fifty times checking into VASA
Feeling Strong

150 Check-Ins

Two hundred times checking into VASA
Fit and Happy

200 Check-ins

Going to VASA Fitness on the weekends
Weekend Warrior

4 Saturday or Sunday Check-ins per month

Upgrade your membership to Fitness
Level Up

Upgrade to Fitness from Basic

Using best gym child care
Pumped-up Parent

4 KidCare Check-ins per month

Referring friends to VASA Fitness
VASA Champ

Refer a Friend that Joins


Going to VASA Fitness group fitness classes
Fitness Friend

4 Check-ins per month to Group Fitness Classes

Eight times checking into VASA Group Fitness class
Group Gains

8 Check-ins per month to Group Fitness Classes


Upgrading VASA membership to STUDIO Membership
Push Beyond

Upgrade to Studio

Eight checkins with VASA STUDIO Membership
Sweat Slayer

8 Check-ins per month to Studio Cycle Classes

Red Raider

8 Check-ins per month to Studio Red Classes

Eight times checking into VASA Team Training class
TEAM Leader

8 Check-ins per month to TEAM Training Classes


Going to VASA personal training
Training Champ

4 Personal Training Sessions per month

Going to eight personal training sessions per month
Training Pro

8 Personal Training Sessions per month


Get started by downloading our free VASA Fitness app.
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What is Burn & Earn?
Burn & Earn is VASA’s way of saying thank you for making it to the gym.

How to I participate in Burn & Earn?
As long as the member has the app, they are automatically enrolled in the program. No need to take any further action.

How do I earn Rewards?
Earning rewards is easy. All you have to do is keep coming to the gym and you will earn a series of badges.

I just got notified that I earned a new badge. Where can I find it?
Your badges will be tracked and displayed on our app. Simply go to the Activity section to view which badges you have earned and which badges you are still working towards.