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Importance of Hydration & Drinking Enough Water

Erin Lentz
Jun. 28, 2022 / VASA Admin
Importance of Hydration & Drinking Enough Water

Did you know nearly 75% of Americans are walking around chronically dehydrated? There are many factors, yet most of us are simply not drinking enough water. And what’s more, we may be drinking enough water, but our filters could be stripping it of essential minerals like magnesium. Here are a few water hacks to keep hydrated and stay healthy all year round.

So how much is enough? The standard advice of drinking eight glasses of water a day is great, but not accurate. Instead, go by your body weight. You want to consume half of your body weight in ounces a day. 140 pounds? That’s 70 ounces, or 8.5 cups. It is possible, too, to over-hydrate. So, gun for the sweet spot, and pay attention to your body. If your urine is bright yellow, you’re dehydrated. Crystal clear? Your body may be just getting rid of too much water. A light yellow is what you’re after.

Hello, Water Bottle

One of the best ways—whether working at a computer most of the day, or constantly on the go—to stay hydrated is to have a water bottle in sight. Buy a few water bottles you love and make them your new bestie. We are partial to less plastic. Sure, a YETI Rambler is an investment, but its stainless steel makeup is better for both you and the environment. Looking for a more affordable option, snag a 64 oz Hydro Jug or 20 oz VASA Hydro Bottle.





Easy Electrolytes

If you’re into fitness and wellness and like to work out, try adding electrolyte tabs to your water bottle. Nuun sells all kinds of hydration tabs, broken into categories to help boost hydration, rejuvenation, and energy. (Tip: if you overindulge at happy hour, Liquid IV powder and Pedialyte are two other quick fixes to regain balance).


Love Those Lemons

One of the best ways to wake up and kickstart your day, even before you enjoy your coffee routine? Simple: Lemon water. The benefits of citrus and lemon are incredible. So much so, that Dr. Kellyann Petrucci loves to hype the benefits of lemon water: it balances your body’s PH levels, promotes healthy skin, can help you lose weight, and improves digestion—and that’s just for starters. So, stack up on the citrus. You will be glowing in no time!


Brain Fuel

The best way to stave off that dreaded brain fog? Water, water, water. According to experts, when a group of women only drank six ounces of water a day, they performed worse on cognitive tests. Just a small dip in hydration can cause fatigue, headache, and poor muscle memory. The best brain hack? Simple! Hello, H2O.