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5 FREE Health and Fitness Apps You Should Download Now

Sep. 22, 2015 / Bre B
health and fitness app

            In this very technological 21st century we live in there are hundreds and thousands of apps that we can utilize to make our lives a little bit easier. The fitness industry has no shortage of these apps. We have gathered some that you may not have heard of that we think would be beneficial to your daily health routine.


  1. Shopwell


            So you’re walking around the grocery store keeping in mind that you want to eat healthier. You only want to buy foods that are going to help you stick to your goals. The problem you run into is the label on the back of each package of granola. How do you know how much sodium you can eat or how much protein an item needs to sustain you the way you want and need? Shopwell can help with this problem. After you enter your dietary needs, allergies, and things you want to avoid, you can scan each label and the app will give you a score from 1-100. The closer you can get to 100 the better! (Free on IOS and Android)


  1. Vasa Fitness app

          Vasa fitness icon1

                  If you need a little motivation to get to the gym we are here for you! Our new app has many features to encourage you to get that daily burn. Once you create an account, you can track your workouts, enter challenges, and give and receive encouragement with other members. It is the ultimate planning tool. You can even see what classes are taking place in your home gym and when.  (Free on IOS and Android)


  1. Charity Miles


            You are the type of person that likes to exercise with a purpose. You sign up for every charity run that is available to you and you feel good about your efforts bringing good to the world. This app is the digital version of that 5K for charity that you love.  Charity Miles will donate 10 cents for every mile you bike and 25 cents for every mile you walk or run to one of dozens of charities that they sponsor. (Free on IOS and Android)


  1. Ingredient1


             Ingredient1 is the ultimate app to help you expand your horizons and find new healthy recipes. If you are stuck eating the same meals every few nights and you are getting tired of them, this app can definitely help you. You set up a profile and put in your diet, allergies, and favorite ingredients, and Ingredient1 will help you find new recipes that fit your health regimen.  (Free on IOS)


  1. Stronglifts 5×5


             If you want to get the ultimate gains but you are not exactly sure how to get there, this app will be your go to at the gym. This app is designed to give you a round of 3 lifting exercises with 5 sets of 5 reps and helps you get the most out of every set. It will prompt you to take the right amount of breaks as well as let you know when to up the weight you’re lifting. Available to IOS and Android for free, use Stronglifts to get the most out of your gym time and see results. (Free on IOS and Android)


If you want to get started on creating a healthier you click here for iphone or click here for android to download our app, and click here to join.