461.5 mi.
5325 East Thompson Road

Sara Tooele Team Lead

CPR /FA Certified / Early Childhood Learning & Development Cert. /Preschool Cert.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to work with kids. At young age I was put in charge of my younger siblings. Then I started babysitting kids in the neighborhood. Once I was in high school I took every chance I could to take classes to do with children development. My favorite was when I got to teach preschool. I think that was when I decided working with kids was what I wanted to do. Ever since then I have been doing stuff with kids ever since. I love getting to know all their different personalities and watching them grow. I love dancing with them, working out, celebrating holidays and doing crafts. How can you not love working with kids? Yes they scream and cry, but they also make you laugh.

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