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Special Thanks to Darien Griego | Willow Creek Shout Out

Jan. 30, 2020 / VASA Fitness
Special Thanks to Darien Griego | Willow Creek Shout Out

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Derek McAdams and I’ve been a member of the Willow Creek VASA since February of 2018, which also includes the Group Training / TEAM / Studio Red. I really wanted to take some time to recognize Coach Darien Griego for the exemplary work that I have witnessed. Darien has been my coach for the last year and a half of my 2 years as a member, as I did have a different coach for my first 5 or 6 months. During the past 2 years, I’ve averaged 5-6 days a week at VASA, with the majority of visits spent with TEAM/Studio Red, or the group training.

Day in day out, week in week out, (and almost a year in year out now!), Darien has been a phenomenal coach! Sometimes I wonder if the guy every takes any time off! He’s just a machine that not only keeps going, but also provides amazing motivation and support to keep his clients going as well. It has been quite remarkable that I can rely on him being there every day, not only for the once-a-week group training, but also the team training (now studio red).

Not only stable, but also highly knowledgeable! It didn’t take long at all for me to catch on to one simple fact; He puts safety first. He is not afraid to correct an improper movement, provide guidance, provide alternative progression or regression movements, offer advice in regards to recovery, etc. I really have learned a great deal from Darien, and I appreciate it. One area of knowledge that I’ve caught on to is the fact that he is also humble. I’ve witnessed him learning new things, different approaches, different movements, etc., and then applying those to his sessions, thereby ‘sharing the wealth’ if you will. In fact, he gets pretty excited to share his new knowledge with his clients. To me, this is a sign of a good trainer. Someone who is willing to have an open mind, and make changes that will make a positive impact on their clients. Not someone who is stuck in their ways, or limited in their development because they refuse to learn. That type of mentality and attitude always trickles down to their clients unfortunately. I’ve seen it too many times in the past.

Invested. This is a good word to use for how he makes a client feel. I really get the sense that Darien is invested in my well-being. He’s even remembered the weights I’ve used for certain exercises! Sure, maybe he has a log, and took a glance at it while I wasn’t looking, but I don’t care. The point is still there. Anyone can tell that he loves his job, and cares about his clients. By that, I mean to imply that it is not just me that he helps. I see it daily from Darien, period. Whether the person is one of his clients, another coaches, or just getting a good workout in Studio Red, he’s there to help. On a side-note, I will mention that I’ve noticed what seems to be a company-wide rule that coaches do not approach random people on the floor, which is just another reason why I enjoy VASA. That was a good choice that someone made. If I wanted that behavior, I’d go a car lot.

Positively there to keep us going. I’ll stress it again that Darien enjoys to motivate and push clients to see progress and results. He also does this with some jokes, and good ole fashion positive attitude.

Stability, knowledgeable, humble, invested, and all with jokes and a smile. I’m honored to have been able to have Darien as my coach for so long, and I look forward to how ever much longer it will continue. I know that he’s given me a great tool set to stay safe and healthy, and I can’t thank him enough for that!

To Whom It May Concern, I appreciate the time you’ve spent in reading this, and I do hope that Darien is recognized for his great efforts. I hope this letter has shed some new light for you.

On a side note, I mean no disrespect to any other coaches or staff members. On the contrary, I’ve really had a great experience during my membership, with many different staff members and coaches. Everyone at the Willow Creek location provides a great experience for clients. One of these days I’ll have to stop the group training package, but I’ll still enjoy being a VASA member, when it comes to that. The trainers and staff are just fantastic, and I’m very glad that I’ve had this opportunity, and I thank everyone involved in making that happen.



Derek McAdams