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marcos lopez

marcos lopez

Personal Trainer
ISSA Strength & Conditioning

Bilingual, Muscle Building, Strength

Coaching Approach

I help my clients find ways of working out that are enjoyable so they can also push past their limits.

About marcos

Marcos Lopez

I was a high school wrestler weighing in at 115lbs, I was really shy and didn't have a lot of strength. I slowly started gaining weight but I was still new to this journey, so I had many ups and downs. At the start of 2021, I weighed in at 130lbs and that's when I decided to get serious and get to work. I bulked up to 195lbs and now I am in a fat cutting phase. Going through that journey set my confidence really high inside and outside the gym. One of the goals that I gave myself is doing a bodybuilding show in 2022. I got presented with the opportunity to work at the VASA as a Member Experience Specialist. I got really excited when I saw the personal trainers here and how they helped their clients. Then the personal trainer position opened up and I couldn't wait to start and be a part of other people’s journey.